Frozen semen:

Collected semen is labeled and  analyzed for concentration and total numbers, morphology (normal structure), and mobility. Next it is frozen in pellets according to International Canine Semen Bank  standards, and then carefully stored in liquid nitrogen conteiners. Correctly stored semen is immortal and it can be used to the insemination after many years (couple years ago in the USA  was born a litter of puppies of semen frozen over 30 years ago and today we can boast a similar achievement - in 2014 in Poland born litter of puppies from a semen imported by us from Australia and frozen there in the early 80's!). 

From one collection there are usually obtaining 1-4 insemination doses (portion of semen enough to one insemination), but young, healthly dogs, having high quality semen, can on a one-off basis even a dozen or so doses. 

Storage of semen in liquid nitrogen container: 
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Semen fozen in pellets: Semen analysis:
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Chilled semen:

Semen chilled to the adequate temperature is being thinned with special liquid, which guarantee the protection and the nutrient for spermatozoa. Then it is prepared for the shipment and packed in thermal case. The expiry date  of chilled semen is taking out 3 - 4 days from collection, but better is to use it as  quickly as possible.  It is possible to transport chilled semen in Poland as well as outside it on the same conditions as frozen semen, but the transport can not last longer than 24 hours, because so much time continues appropriately low temperature in the package. After reaching in place chilled semen should be stored in the refrigerator.


Insemination with frozen semen:

We are carrying the insemination with frozen semen into two ways: surgical and Norwegian.

The surgical insemination consists on injecting semen directly into two horns of uterus. It is performing in the full anaesthesia, so dam must be prepared for it this way, like for every other surgery - she have to be on an empty stomach, has current blood tests and the electrocardiography. The risk of anaesthesia is low and the  abdominal incision is very small, it is usually not bigger than 5 cm. 

The Norwegian insemination consists on depositing semen into the uterus by the vagina and the cervix with special catheter. Build of female causes that it is very difficult , but far less invasive. It is performing in light sedation in standing position. For this kind of insemination female should be on an empty stomach. 

The method of insemination is choosen by the owner of the bitch, but it also depends on the size and the condition of the bitch.  We don't inseminate Norwegian method very big or fat bitches. 

Defrosted semen ready to use: 
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Surgical insemination:
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Surgical insemination incision:
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Insemination with chilled semen:

In practice it is the same that insemination with the fresh semen - with  special tube inserted into the vagina semen is deposited in cervix, but we, because of better results, do it using the Norwegian catheter.


Ovulation timing:

Accurate ovulation timing is accomplished by a series of blood tests checking  level of  progesterone. Differences in results of  tests in different laboratories are really big worldwide problem. In order to avoid mistakes, we always examine blood in the same, checked during the long-term cooperation, outside laboratory, so we achieved great precision of results. We are start blood tests in the 6th day of heat and next we make it depending on the level of hormone every more or less 2 days - the frequency and the number of taking a blood sample are always set individually, but it is usually shutting up in 3 - 4 times.


Diagnostics, conducting pregnancy, obstetrics: 

We make an ultrasound scans and offer the complete care of pregnat bitches all the way to the time of the birth. We look after difficult and endangered pregnancies. We make Caesarians , we  also offer a help with natural labours.

Import and export of semen:

We offer the full service in the shipment of semen in Poland and worldwide and of import of semen to Poland.