Welcome to the Canine Semen Bank Omne Vivum website. Our Bank was founded in 2001 by Doctor Robert Marczak, and it's the only branch of International Canine Semen Bank in Poland. We are providing complete services in freezing, chilling and analyzing canine semen, its import-export, and insemination of bitches, timinig the best moment for fertilization, pregnancy care and obstetrics.

The first effective insemination with frozen semen at dog was in 1969 in USA. In Poland since Omne Vivum came into existence we made more than 100 inseminations with frozen semen, about 500 puppies were born and their number still is increasing.  Of semen frozen at the Bank and sent abroad was born a few hundred next dogs, many times in very faraway countries  - even in Southern Africa. Many of them is already adult animals, achieving breeding and exhibition successes .

Freezing semen is giving new, huge possibilities to breeders  and it is carrying the barrier of the distance separating the dam from the sire. It allows for the transport of semen to big distance, fertilize female with male living on other continent without the necessity of costly and tiring travelling with her, is also giving unique chance of keeping reproductive abilities of  dog for very long time, even when he is already dead or he became infertile. The effectiveness of the insemination of frozen semen is very  high - amounts approximately to 80 %. Litters are approximately 20 % smaller from of the ones, begotten in the natural way (at least very large litters in which over 10 puppies are born are happening), and statistics show that it is born a little bit more, because about 60 %, of males. 


Jeden z pierwszych miotów w Polsce urodzonych z mrozonego nasienia - małe bulteriery rok 2005.

One of the first litters of frozen by Dr Marczak semen, born  in Poland - bull terriers 2005 year 

Hovavarty urodzone w Norwegii z nasienia zamrożonego w Polsce.

Hovawarts  born in Norway in 2005 of semen frozen in Poland by Dr Marczak. 

Hovavarty urodzone z mrozonego nasienia i ich mama - rok 2009.

Litter of hovawarts born of frozen by Dr Marczak semen in 2009 in Poland, and their mum.

Hovavarty urodzone z mrożonego nasienia w 2009 roku.

Litter of hovawarts born of frozen by Dr Marczak semen in 2009 in Poland.

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Liver - dog argentyński doktora.

Doctor Robert Marczak is a graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Madicine in Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). He is conducting the medical practice from 1998.  He has worked extensively with breeders and is very experienced with ovulation timing, artificial and surgical insemination. In 2001 in cooperation with Professor Carrol Platz from ICSB  he opened the first  bank of canine semen in Poland. He is a pioneer of freezing and inseminating with frozen semen in Poland. He created also a Veterinary Blood Bank in 2003  - unique institution to the European scale. He is a fan of his work, he values searches of new ways and challenges in the veterinary medicine. With the great enthusiasm he is improving his knowledge by participation in medical conferences worldwide, he is giving lectures for doctors and students as well as he is publishing in specialist magazines. He is a huge enthusiast of dogs, incessantly he is bringing help to pets in accordance with the principle, that impossible doesn't exist, and faithfully a beloved Dogo Argentino called Liver is accompanying him on his daily work.