How can I collect and freeze my dog's semen? 
It is enough to call us and to arrange collecting. It is the best if you could arrive to the clinic with the dog and with bitch in heat, for better stimulation of  male. If you don't have such a bitch, you should inform about it on the phone. You should call to arrange meeting at least for 2 working days before planned collecting. 


How to prepare dog for semen collection? 
If semen won't be transported beyond the area of Poland, it isn't necessary to prepare the dog specially.


What age is best to collect my dog's semen?
Semen can be collected in every dog's age, but younger dog's sperm is higher quality and survives the freezing process better.  The best age is between of 2 and 6 years old.


What if my dog has never been collected, or has not been used for cover?
It is good to have a female in heat . Some dogs may take more than one effort for a collection, but this is rare, we have big experience in collecting semen, so usually first attemp is sufficiently. 


How long collection will  take?
The collection process  usually takes 30 minutes or less, and then the owner can leave.


How to export the semen?
Depending on requirements of the country of the importer, dog donor should have done appropriate examinations,  usually  blood tests to brucellosis and the leptospirosis.


Does your semen bank own semen of different breeds?
No, we don't own the semen of the dogs ourselves, we store it only for individual owners.


How to prepare female to insemination with frozen semen?

To surgically insemination you have to prepare bitch like to all another surgery - she must have done blood test and electrocardiography. In the day of insemination she have to be on an empty stomach.

To Norwegian insemination there is no need to make any examinations. To insemination female have to be on an empty stomach.


What have I to do if I want to use frozen semen? 
If the semen is stored in our bank, notify us directly by telephone or email of which semen you want to use and when the female begins in heat.  Progesterone tests should be run at 6th day of the heat.  We will continue progesterone tests. When blood test will point ovulation, we will inseminate the female 72 hours later.  If semen is stored in another bank you have to import it to our bank first.


How to import the semen?
Above all you have to ask owner of stud whether he has an opportunity to collect and to freeze semen.  If yes, the doctor dealing with the dog is sending semen directly to our Bank. To the parcel must be attached  all needed documents  at the import from the sires country. 


Is this true, that  insemination with frozen semen can be done only a bitch which already had puppies? 
No. There are no contraindications against  insemination of bitches which not yet  had  puppies. 


How long is it possible to store semen at the Bank? 
Frozen semen is immortal, so it is possible to store it as long as wanted. In practice it is stored at our Bank for time  payed by semen owner. 


I have heard of straws and pellets.  What do you use and which is better?
We use the pelleting method.  Both methods are acceptable and successful for freezing semen. 


What will happen with semen, if I resign from storage? Will it be destroyed? Is there a possibility, that it will be used for  insemination behind my back? 
If you resign  storage of semen, it is destroyed. It is never  used without the knowledge and agreeable of owner.


If you have questions - mail to us!