The Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) requires DNA testing of dogs whose semen is frozen. New regulations dog breeding also determines the exact property rights semen and all formalities required for its freezing and the insemination. We collect and send to the appropriate laboratory blood to the required tests

ZKwP doesn't require performing the genetic testing confirming coming at puppies given birth as a result of the artificial insemination. 

Transport documents 

Export of semen: 

Depending on the country of allocating semen different transport documents and examinations of the dog donor are needed. In many countries required documents are changing, therefore each time we check what formalities one should accomplish. Countries belonging to the European Union and USA are most liberal, only a health certificate of the dog issued by the doctor collecting semen is required.

Import of semen:

To import  semen to Poland from the country belonging to the  European Union there aren't required no additional documents. To import from outside of EU there are needed a health certificate of the dog issued by an official veterinary surgeon, certificate of vaccinating against rabies made in 365  the sequence preceding collecting of semen  and test to brucellosis.