Semen freezing

326 $

including semen collection and evaluation, freezing, receiving 1-4 vials, storage per year 30 vials or less



        For each additional vial over first 4

60 $

Semen Storage – Per dog

        per year for each 30 vials or less

PLN 260

Surgically insemination


PLN 1000


Nowegian insemination (intrauterine, with frozen or chilled semen)




First insemination PLN 500

second insemination PLN 200

Insemination witch chilled semen (transvaginal)

PLN 200

Once marking of the concentration of the progesterone in blood

PLN 50  

Other costs - of shipment, import, care of pregnant bitch and labour are always established individually. 

These prices are approximate and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of. 66, § 1 of the Civil Code. Exact costs are calculated in each case individually.